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9 maj 2017

What is Pepe the frog & Why are the people using him? The Reason Behind Pepe, Memes, Satire Being Used To Fight The Globalists

 10 maj 2017 


The Online cartoon character Pepe the Frog appears to have been killed off by its creator in a bid to stop his image being hijacked by far-right groups. The question that we must now ask ourself is: Will this stop the memes? Is Pepe dead? 



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“The Game” was originally released in the early 80′s. It was based on the successful book trilogy ‘The Illuminatus!’ and was supposedly designed to be a satirical, tongue in cheek take on the topic of global conspiracism, featuring opposing secret societies competing for world domination using various malevolent means. You may well have heard of this somewhat sinister card game already, as there are plenty of online references to it on other alternative and conspiracy based websites, mostly due to it’s apparent prophetic content, which rather accurately details aspects of the illuminati agenda that we are now seeing playing out in front of us on a daily basis. read more 

Be careful not to give Illuminati all the credit that happens on Earth. Weather manipulation may very well be happening, but the Lord is the Creator and will always be in full control.
      Think it's amazing that the deeper down the conspiracy route someone goes the more real Jesus becomes
      Nasa released images of an aurora in space yesterday and tried to pass the horrid CGI as real 
      The Illuminati wants to enslave us because they want us to fight, have race wars, and kill each other. They want us to hate each other, and be racist towards each other. That's why they kill some celebrities or presidents who expose the Illuminati like Michael Jackson, Tupac, Prince, JFK, and Martin Luther King Jr  because when people spread the truth the Illuminati sees  you as a "threat". That's why they put subliminal messages in their TV shows, movies, and music videos to brainwash adults, teenagers, and especially children. And that's why MOST celebrities are puppets to control the masses and brainwash their thoughts, and actions. The Illuminati isn't going to expose themselves publicly so they use a celebrity instead. To try to hide behind in the background to make it look less suspicious, but now MOST people are waking up and are seeing through the Illuminati lies
        Why they attack children? Its bc they are the purest. Thats why they sacrifice them and do horrible unspoken things to them.
Gives new meaning to putting on the Armour of God.
The True Messiah comes after the False one. I hope many understand that.

In this video the Illuminati Card Game gets exposed, and it shows you the predictive programming/mental psy-op behind all this. Because the TRUTH is much stranger than fiction! YOU are living in a fantasy!!!! In 1982, a man by the name of Steve Jackson distributed these cards in the Illuminati card game set. During the 80s and 90s, more cards were added to the game, and were subsequently used for play. But when you examine these cards more closely, you start to see just the eerie symbolism, and how these cards "just so happened" to "predict" future major events: events including 9/11, The Pentagon, Fukushima, The 2010 BP Oil Spill, The Obama Presidency, Saddam Hussein, Paris, The Boston "Bombings," and much more! Of course, there are many more cards out there, but these are just some of the MAJOR ones... I implore you to research more on these cards in your own spare time (if you already haven't), but if you would like me to do a follow-up video on this, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!! Do the elite know something we don't? Do these cards happen to predict even more events on the horizon? If so, WHAT are those events? THE TRUTH REVEALED!!! LEARN MORE! 9/11 FEMA (1997): https://www.ncjrs.gov/pdffiles1/Photo... More Info: http://allnewspipeline.com/Texas_Bike...

SEPTEMBER 20, 2017

80’s Illuminati Card Game Predicted 9/11, Chemtrails, HAARP, Fukushima 20 Years before They Happened

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