Is there a genocide on the Swedish people?
Blueshift has reported the government of genocide on the Swedish people .... Should Sweden write?
In order to answer that question, one has to first define; What is a genocide and there are Swedes as people. We in Review Sweden have probably made it quite clear to the Swedish citizens that the political establishment is very reluctant to admit that Swedes exist as people or ethnic groups. Perhaps this unwillingness to acknowledge the existence of the ethnic Swedish people in the political establishment realizes that if the Swedish people exist, the policy is they for a violation of international law. If the Swedish people are present, it is subject to continuous discrimination from the political establishment. There are a multitude of measures aimed at helping groups in Sweden who are not Swedes, and every helping measure that is not available to the Swedish people, but reserved for non-Swedish people, implies discrimination against the Swedish people.
We have introductory reimbursement, housing supply to new arrivals, authorities dealing with specific problems that concern only the part of the population that is not Swedish and so on. All these activities express a structural racism and discrimination aimed at the Swedish indigenous people. Politicians often say that they do not want to divide the population into one we and them, or group groups. However, for example, they do not provide for free Swedes free dentistry, while the Swedes who paid the dental care of the Swedes also have to pay their own dental care on the day they themselves need to visit the dentist. Politicians share with all the desirable clarity people in us and them, and groups against groups through their policies.

It is not fun for a Swedes who are part of the indigenous people to realize that he or she will not get a permanent employment when he or she has to compete with non Swedes for which the state pays 80% of the salary. In other words, non-Swedish needs, with the help of the state, only to be a fraction as productive as Sweden to be an equivalent business for the employer. Swedes are content with temporary work and working at times non-Swedish people do not want to work. Unless this is discrimination, the meaning of the word is somewhat unclear.
Looking at the establishment's reasoning about demographics, it becomes even clearer that Sweden is exposed to an extinction attack. Politicians acknowledge that we have a demographic problem in Sweden when Swedish women are born to few children. This seems to be eliminated by increasing the inflow of non-Swedish people to Sweden. Attempting to change the conditions for Swedish women and encourage them to raise more children is a solution that politicians are not interested in. One might wonder why.

The state spends between 10 and 15 0000 SEK per child and month for Swedish children to be kept on institutional education in the joint so-called childcare. Little children feel very bad at divorcing their mom for short periods of time. This is because the child has no sense of time. In the book 'For the Best of Our Children' ( you can read about how children physically damage the brain by Routinely separated from their mothers during the daytime.
Imagine if the state had said to the Swedish women, 'You get 15000 a month for your own child, which you take care of'. Then a six-year-old mother could have earned $ 90,000 a month just to take care of her own children, and the demographic problem Sweden has had been resolved for a decade.

We would probably have received a generation of children who appreciated the nuclear family high, could think independently and critically, thus rejecting the institutionalized brainwashing at school about norm criticism and gender knowledge. This is obviously an effect the establishment does not look as something positive for the overall goal of an unidentified population who has no idea about its cultural, ethnic or national origin. That mothers should be paid to take care of their own children and transfer the parents' own values ​​to these children is something we will probably not see until the political establishment has been replaced, which we hope to get hands soon.

The fact that Sweden and the whole western world have low birth rates and high immigration is not something that happens to itself. It is a situation that is deliberately created by the establishment that governs the world. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to realize that with the current trend, Swedes will be a minority in Sweden in a scary future. The situation is similar to most of the European peoples, although Sweden is the worst country in Europe in this regard. According to the UN Convention on Human Rights, a people are subjected to genocide if they are forced on living conditions aimed at destroying them. It is our political establishment that creates our living conditions. The conditions we live under will cause the Swedish people to disappear in the long run. If the Swedish people have disappeared it is destroyed. Do you want to protest against this; Please write to

ADL (Anti Defamation League), which is an American equivalent of EXPO, whose main interest is anti-semitism. They say it is the duty of every Jew to be loyal and helpful to other Jews. They also say that it is antisemitism to criticize Jews as a group, but ok to praise Jews as a group. If white would say that it is white's duty to help each other solely on the basis that they are white, just ADL would become hysterical and begin to talk about racism, nazism and the annihilation. It could be called double standards.