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9 maj 2017

What is Pepe the frog & Why are the people using him? The Reason Behind Pepe, Memes, Satire Being Used To Fight The Globalists

 10 maj 2017 


The Online cartoon character Pepe the Frog appears to have been killed off by its creator in a bid to stop his image being hijacked by far-right groups. The question that we must now ask ourself is: Will this stop the memes? Is Pepe dead? 



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34 Scientists have literally campaigned to PREVENT the excavation of a hidden chamber (found through ground-penetrating radar) inside the world's oldest pyramid - Gunung Padang, 'The Indonesian Pyramid". Wish more stuff would come out on places like this. The scientific community seems to be if you find something don't let anyone know. It's completely bought and paid for by special interests.  The Rothschild Zionist Talmudists don't want free energy to liberate the world so they want to prevent the opening of this chamber. Rockefeller closed the door on Tesla. There have existed advanced technology before this modern era. One has to wonder if that is the sign of the "fallen ones"...

Scientists are too worried about pushing the climate change lie to focus on pyramids.

If I was an archeologist I wouldn't be able to sleep at night knowing nothing is being done at these sites.

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