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Seth Rich was murdered but His wallet, watch and phone were not taken 

 15 maj 2017 

          Seth Rich died July 2016, since then media did not even poke the story with a stick until now. The murder investigation was stuck because it would reveal that an American hero with a memory stick stopped Clinton. Not Russia who James Clapper still havent stated he has evidence to accuse James Clapper: Still no evidence of any Russian collusion with Trump ...

          Of course, by 25th August speculation that Seth Rich had been the “DC insider” whistleblower for the DNC emails published by WikiLeaks on 22nd July was already rife on social media, and WikiLeaks had already offered a $20,000 reward which would later be a $100,000 reward in december for “information leading to conviction for the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich

          To be clear, WikiLeaks has never stated Seth Rich was its source. Instead, Assange gave the reason for the reward as: “our sources take risks and they become concerned to see things occurring like that

          It is therefore interesting to see in this Twitter exchange that the Guccifer 2.0 operation was willing to contradict its own earlier claims to have been the entity who hacked the DNC for the sake of attributing itself to Seth Rich and making statements about Assange being unsafe due to alleged ties with Russians.

          At this point in time, Guccifer 2.0 was under the impression it had successfully attributed itself to Russian hackers (through it's efforts on the 15th of June) - So, by attributing itself to Seth, it was preemptively discrediting Seth (tying him to a supposed "Russian hacker") before there was a chance for anyone to discover or disclose him as being a source of DNC emails. This would then mean Seth (and subsequently any leaks, if he was the leaker) could be unduly attributed to Russians.

          DNC hid that it was an internal leak and instead colluded with media to blame Russia. The DNC DENIED the FBI's requests for access to it's servers! That's because they weren't "hacked" by Russia or anyone else! If his death was truly an act of random gun violence, Seth Rich would have been the DNC's poster boy for gun control... If Seth Rich had access to e-mails, then the DNC servers would probably have information/metadata indicating he was accessing them. It's no wonder they didn't want the FBI looking Comey FBI did request acess to hacked dnc servers

          Rather than allow the FBI to investigate its "hacked" servers, the DNC hired ‪Crowdstrike-a private company. Crowdstrike is little more than a propaganda firm with a history of producing fraudulent reports. Despite this fact, James Comey praised ‪Crowdstrike.
          Bernie also endorsed Hillary two days after Seth Rich was killed. Random coincidence

          Seth Rich Family's private investigator: There is evidence he had contact with #Wikileaks prior to death according to @fox5dc Imagine the shock bernie folks will have after figuring out that not only did the DNC collude and made sure from the very begining that Bernie would loose but also the leaks were done not by Russia but within the DNC itself and Bernie took his money that he got from the good acting and has done nothing about the very fact that this information was out there even back in the summer where wikileaks issued a fine of 20k for information about the killing of the staffer

          *here you can see that Rich possessed, recived and sent the exact same documents that got leaked out to Wikileaks
          **Seth Rich, Murdered DNC Staffer, Shared 44,053 Democrat Emails With WikiLeaks, say multiple federal law enforcement sources

          Attorney Shawn Lucas who served papers in the DNC fraud case died mysteriously shortly afterward.
          *** This was before Wikileaks released documents proving the DNC was working against the Sanders campaign during the 2016 primary.

          ""I think the real reason why Bernie backed Hillary at the convention was because in the meeting with Obama in may last year, Obama probably told him that Jane sanders was under FBI investigation for bank fraud, and they would make it go away if he backed Hillary. This however remains to be a speculation. Bernie could also just have sold out as the usual corrupt politician".
          Seth Rich leaked information to Wikileaks/'the Russians'. That's pretty serious stuff and obviously he was found out. What's scary is that they could've destroyed him politically or even pulled some strings to get him locked up in federal prison, but instead went straight for the wetworks. Whether this was within the government directly or a third party assassin will never be known, but it's frightening to think someone in our government will order someone to be killed without due process. Well. If you think that you obviously with all due respect havent met the Clinton yet. Here you can find all 100+ deaths happening around the Clintons

          Its also very telling that the #SethRich story gained traction as soon as Comey was fired. Comey has been covering for the Clintons since 1996.

          After this blows up and goes mainstream the russian narrative, watch liberals moving goalposts by claiming Seth Rich was a Russian agent. It really wouldn't surprise me one bit if they claimed that.
          Seth Rich was murdered sunday morning at 4:20 am aka saturday night its always over a weekend to prevent large scale media coverage right away and most ppl are distracted, doing other thing during the weekends. Why wouldn't they feel untouchable? no one in the upper levels of the clinton cartel ever gets prosecuted and rarely do powerful politicians..
            “But if you fail to do this, you will be sinning against the Lord; and you may be sure that your sin will FIND YOU OUT." - Numbers 32:23

            First thought that popped into my mind was how many of those officers are still alive? Not even joking. If someone manages to release the body cam footage that would be big news.
            What's even more alarming about all this is the fact that SethRich was alive/awake when the cops found him. He died at the hospital. The Cops wore body cameras. What did he say to the cops and what did body cams capture?

            He was alledgeadly last seen at The bar: Lou's City Bar Bars close at 2am, he knew people at Wonderland Ballroom so he could have drank there with managers/employees till after 2am but I would think they would want to go home after work by 3. That leaves 1 hour and 19 min to walk what should be a 15 min walk home. Told his GF someone was following him before he was killed.

            I'd like to know the following: - What caliber of bullets were used in the "robbery"? - How many times was Seth shot? And from what distance? - Where is the ballistics report? - Were any shell casings found near the body? - If shell casings were found, what have the "authorities" learned about their provenance? - What are the robbery and crime statistics over the 6 months before and after Seth's murder? - What caliber of bullets were used in similar "robberies" over the 6 months before and after Seth was murdered? -this all went down in front of an ATM camera, where is the footage? -The footage from the "assisting officers" at the crime scene who each had body worn cameras is also "gone"? .

            ~34 minute time period from when he left the bar. Lou's closes at 1AM... he died at 4AM....

            Looking into the Howard University Hospital

            Howard University Hospital is profitable again, making $4.3 million in operating income last year, hospital leaders announced Tuesday — a fact that could make it a more attractive takeover target in the future. That profit is not much for a hospital of Howard's size, but it's a significant milestone for a cash-strapped hospital that reported a $19 million loss in fiscal 2015 and $58 million loss in fiscal 2014.

            I found something else that was really creepy. WikiLeaks tweeted this back in Aug: "Seth Rich's new "family spokesman" is Brad Bauman a professional Democrat crisis PR consultant with the Pastorum Group" This PR consultant contacted BUZZFEED of all "news networks".
            The first response was someone posting a press release about this Pastorum Group. Notice anything strange?
            Seth Rich's family spokesman, Brad Bauman, is a consultant with the Pastorum Group. The Pastorum Group is founded by Josh Cohen, a campaign veteran who worked at SEIU, the Democratic National Committee and Obama for America. SEIU is also funded by George Soros.

            >Worked for SEIU >for SEIU >SEIU - ""Service Employees International Union"
            Here is a clip of Hillary on the campaign trail using Seth Rich in a gun control talk. Absolutely sickening. Go to about 1:07. Clip

            Hospital/medical workers make up the SEIU....they are known for violence and thuggery, even worse than the average union....but get this: No one can find out which hospital Seth Rich died's being withheld. Seth Rich was alive when he got to the hospital, and should have had a 95% chance to survive

            Letter from Seth Rich girlfriend explaining why he was killed by associates of @HillaryClinton to stop Bernie Sanders.

            I also believe that Seth Rich who was also responsible for the app that helped voteres find their polling places, did not realize that there were two sets of polling places until he himslef went to vote. He lived in Washington DC, which voted at the end of the primary season, a full week after Clinton had already been declared the winner. I believe he discovered it then and had starting asking questions to himself about why the polling places on Hillaryäs website probably numerous of other things he found alarming. This alone was one compelling reason to end his life knowing that he could've reported it. Here it is explained how the two sets of polling places allegedly worked. Dated July 21th 2016

            any of you guys read this on facebook??

            Seth Rich, the DNC staffer who was fatally shot on July 10, was investigating several cases of election fraud and >voter suppression and was set to testify in the case of Hillary Clinton's email investigation.. I believe he gave >someone the material in case something "happened" to him... and he gave them keys he left to access ALL the >DNC database...and a LOT more, read on !!!... Salvation Rose

            Ah HA Goodman looks like they ARE putting the pieces together.... And NO it WASN'T "the Russians" .... it was >Seth who was no dummy... he left a "package" ... just in case he didn't come home walking from his girlfriends >house... but you know what's funny?? one in the media has interviewed or talked to this girl friend ( >Claudia Kash? ), total blackout from the media that I can see but wouldn't you think that she would have some >idea maybe of what her boyfriend was doing investigating the voter database he was in charge of?? what do you >think about what happened...???

            I have the information of why that Seth was killed I'll send it over to you here it is:

            Irv Beiman

            July 21 at 4:03pm ·

            From Claudia Kash: I know why Seth Rich had to die. There were 2 sets of polling places this primary season -- one set for most of the voters, who went on state >websites to find their polling locations -- a second set for Hillary Clinton supporters who looked on Hillary >Clinton's website to find their polling location. The Secretary of State for each state had one set of locations on >the record; the other set of locations, the ones listed on Hillary's website, were not on the state record. I know this because I looked on her website to find where a friend should vote -- then double-checked the state >website, which showed a different address. I thought there must be a mistake -- I kept checking, right up to >election day. But until they killed Seth Rich, I couldn't figure out why there would be two different polling >places. This is how I think the scam worked: While most voters look up their location on their state website, voters who >were signed up as Hillary Clinton supporters would be directed to her site to find their polling place. It was set >up the same as any other DNC polling place -- with DNC volunteers, regular voting machines, etc. -- and a >duplicate voter roster, the same as the roster at the other polling place. Voters would be checked off on the >roster, same as at the other polling place... and after the polls closed, the DNC supervisor would pick up the >roster and the ballots.

            The supervisor would then pick up the roster at the legitimate polling place and the ballots there. He(or she) >would then replace a number of Bernie Sanders ballots with an equal number of the ballots from the Hillary >Clinton voting location. Then the duplicate roster from the HRC would be shredded and thrown away, along >with all the Bernie Sanders ballots that had been replaced. That way the number of people who voted (on the >remaining roster) still matches the number of ballots. This is why so many states reported a "lower than expected voter turnout". Seth Rich, who was responsible for the app that helped voters find their polling places, did not realize that >there were two sets of polling places until he himself went to vote. He lived in Washington DC, which voted at >the end of the primary season, a week after Clinton had already been declared the winner. I believe he discovered it then, and had started asking questions about why the polling places on Hillary's >website didn't match the ones on the DC website.

            But even if he didn't say a word to anybody, it would have been dangerous to let him live. He would have >figured it out sooner or later -- and he would have reported it when he did.

            It's also possible that all of this ties in with the 'unmasking scandal' (Rice/Obama spying). If Seth Rich was one of those illegaly surveilled by Rice/Obama then that implicates them in conspiracy to help with the murder.
            When asked if there was an uptick in requests to unmask Americans near the end of Obama administration, Rice said:"From basically August to the end of the administration, we were hearing more and more, getting more and more information, about Russian interference in our electoral process."
            Bombshell: Rice Seeking Immunity for Testimony

            A twitter account only active in may 2016: "@RemoveDNC_Chair, has lots of calls to remove Debbie Shultz for rigging the election against Bernie, a petition was created aswell. The leaks happened in July 11th 2016, the emails from the leak was from jan to may.
            Last Email in wikidumps was the same as this tweet.

            Seth Rich Reddit account is also found. Shortly after it was official reddit deleted it.

            Detailed Zerohedge article about Seth Rich online activities Including information that former DNC director of Data Science Andrew Therriault abused Seth Rich on twitter posthumously - referring to him as "An Embarrasment." After the ghoulish act was discovered, Therriault deleted the tweet but archived copies remained. archive unconfirmed reports : article about Seth Rich's alleged Reddit account Kim Dotcom, entrepreneur and media personality promises to reveal further details about the case in the near future :"I'm meeting my legal team on Monday. I will issue a statement about #SethRich on Tuesday."

            Seth Rich's Reddit Account Discovered - Loved Pandas, Patriotic Clothes, And Joe Rogan

            ZeroPointNow's picture
            UPDATEFormer DNC director of Data Science Andrew Therriault shot off a tweet posthumously mocking Seth Rich - referring to him as "An Embarrasment." Clearly he knew this was Rich's account. Therriault deleted the tweet today, but the internet never forgets...
            After private investigator Rich Wheeler claimed proof exists that murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich gave Wikileaks the infamous leaked emails from the 2016 presidential campaign (statements he's since walked back on) - Reddit and 4chan have been hard at work trying to connect more dots surrounding Rich's murder.
            To that end, a user in Reddit's 'the_donald' forum found Seth Rich's Reddit account - 'MeGrimlock4' (a Transformers reference) revealing much about the slain DNC staffer. For the most part, Rich seemed like a regular kinda guy - into football, dogs, patriotism, riding his bike, fun clothes, and volunteering at the Washington Humane Society.
            The link - Seth Rich posts his email address while trying to help get the word out about his parents' missing dog
            His last submitted topic was about patriotic clothes
            Seth loved pandas
            He was a Joe Rogan fan
            He took a picture with Warren Buffett
            He believed in the Armenian genocide
            He had a guiding quote
            Then, Redditor /u/FricasseeingRabbit then found what appears to be a pro-Bernie Sanders alternate twitter account which is very close in spelling to Rich's primary account.
            (post here)
            Seth Rich's twitter is @panda4progress, which follows @Reddit, which led us to believe he was in fact a redditor. That seems consistent with this reddit account, in that they're both in DC and have an interest in bicycles. Edit: not JUST bicycles. A company named "split" which this account is talking about here @Panda4Progress talks to them here. Also /u/MeGrimlock4 is posting about Nebraska football.
            Rich was from Omaha. No cornfed midwestern kid from Nebraska isn't a Huskers fan. THIS IS DEFINITELY SETH RICH'S ACCOUNT
            Here's where it gets interesting: /u/pandas4bernie and a tumblr by the same name ALSO stopped posting at the same time as this account. If that's Rich, then that proves motive. Rich was a BernieBro.
            Which may be why Rich gave WikiLeaks the DNC emails - after they false flagged Bernie...
            The Democratic National Committee (DNC) uses an outside software partner "NGP VAN," founded by Nathaniel Pearlman, chief technology officer for Hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign. Their 'VoteBuilder' software was designed for Democratic candidates (Bernie, Hillary, etc.) to track and analyze highly detailed information on voters for the purposes of 'microtargeting' specific demographics.
            On December 16th, 2015, NGP VAN updated the Votebuilder with a patch that contained a bug - allowing the Sanders and the Clinton campaigns to temporarily access each other's proprietary voter information for around 40 minutes. Lo and behold, the Sanders campaign National Data Director, Josh Uretsky, was found to have accessed Clinton's information and promptly fired.
            Uretsky's excuse was that he was simply grabbing Clinton's data during the window of vulnerability to prove that the breach was real.
            Bernie cried false flag!
            Sanders claimed that Uretsky was a DNC plant - "recommended by the DNC's National Data Director, as well as a former COO of NGP VAN."
            Of note, Seth Rich was not the National Data Director. According to the DNC's 2016 roster, Seth Rich was the DNC's "Voter Expansion Data Director" while Andrew Brown was the National Data Director - who Bernie said referred Uretsky.
            So Seth Rich, a Bernie supporter, would have known people involved in the 'hack' Bernie says was meant to frame him...
            It's easy to speculate how Seth Rich could have become disgruntled after witnessing the DNC attempt to sabotage the Sanders campaign. As such, it's not a stretch to imagine that Rich - a guy with access  to sensitive emails and technical skills, did in fact communicate with Wikileaks in order to expose and root out the DNC's misdeeds.
            (OR, Rich was involved in the DNC breach)
            Another rumor floating around is that Rich was involved in the December 2015 'hack' on the Clinton DNC files, since he was one of about four people who would have had access during the 40 minute window of vulnerability.
            Given Rich's apparent support of Bernie Sanders, however, it seems unlikely he would work to frame his campaign for hacking.
            Whatever the truth, I'm sure Reddit and 4chan anons will fill everybody in.

            Someone Just Edited Seth Rich’s Reddit Posts

            I am not writing this article to accuse anyone of anything. If Reddit administrators deleted the personal information tying a murder victim to his Reddit account after it was found by online sleuths, and if they feel they had a good reason for doing it the way they did, I am sure we’re all open to hearing their reasoning. But that information is key to piecing together data that could quite literally save the world, and we need to pay attention to this sort of thing and have a public debate about it. Tensions between the United States and Russia have reached such insane heights that an expert analyst has said we are in more danger of nuclear annihilation in some ways than we were at the peak of the last Cold War, and the reasons being given to the public for those tensions are all based first and foremost on allegations that Russian hackers stole the Democratic party emails that were released by WikiLeaks. This isn’t just about Seth Rich; we’ve all got a stake in this thing.
            As explained by iBankCoin, the discovery of Seth Rich’s main account led to the discovery of his secondary account u/pandas4bernie, the existence of which confirms what we’ve all suspected for a long time: that Rich was a closet Bernie supporter. Rich reallyreallyreallyREALLY loved pandas, his known Instagram handle was panda4progress, and both u/pandas4bernie and Rich’s main account u/MeGrimlock4 stopped posting right after his murder. They’re both him. This adds a great deal of weight to the argument that Rich was upset about the way Sanders was being cheated by the DNC and used his access as DNC Voter Expansion Director to pass Committee emails to late WikiLeaks director Gavin MacFadyen as an anonymous federal investigator is reported to have informed Fox News.

            All of this could have been completely dismissed and denied in the public debate by proponents of the establishment narrative, if someone hadn’t had the sense to archive Seth Rich’s account before whoever edited it deleted the email address with Rich’s full name in it, linking him conclusively to the account u/MeGrimlock4.
            Note that there is no asterisk next to the post in the archived version, which means that as of the date that the archive was made (yesterday), it had not been tampered with. This proves that the editing was recent, which proves, obviously, that it was not edited by Rich. If you go to page six in the “comments” section of Rich’s Reddit account now, you will see this version of the post instead:
            Note the asterisk next to the words “1 year ago”, which means the post has been edited. It is possible that a Reddit admin deleted the information because it violated some policy or another despite its belonging to a dead man, but they could have just blocked out part of the email address and/or included an admin note explaining what they did and why they did it. This was not done, and if the post had not been archived the argument that Seth Rich was a closet Sanders supporter could have been easily dismissed in all public debates as not sufficiently substantiated, killing without merit some of the skepticism about the official narrative of Rich’s murder as a random mugging gone awry.
            For some strange reason, whoever was meddling with Rich’s account also appears to have deleted his most recent post, which was made much closer to the time of his actual death; his other recent comments currently read “11 months ago”, while this one reads “10 months ago”. This one is even more suspicious, because while the actual comment made appears unremarkable, the fact that it is posted in the subreddit r/washingtondc makes it clear that the account belongs to someone in DC, which could tip off future online investigators that they might be looking at Rich’s account even after the email information was deleted. I hope we get an explanation about this from Reddit admin as well.
            Speaking for myself, I am glad that this information has been archived, seeing as all the escalations with Russia that have transpired since the November elections are dependent upon Seth Rich not having been the leaker. More and more reasons have been emerging for mainstream America to doubt the official stories they are being told by mainstream media outlets who we know for a fact have been promulgating unbelievably evil lies in order to manufacture consent for escalations with Russia and regime change in Syria, which necessarily go hand-in-hand as the two longtime allies are deeply militarily entangled.

            My theory, while I have your attention, is that Seth Rich was not just assassinated because he was the DNC leaker, but also because he knew he was the DNC leaker. America’s unelected power establishment wants to depose Assad to secure its crucial position in the fossil fuel battles and squeeze the Kremlin hard so it stops taking bold actions like allying with the Syrian government, annexing the strategically important Crimean peninsula, and collaborating with China to undermine the hegemony of the US dollar in that region. If Rich had been able to step forward and let everyone know that he was WikiLeaks’ source and not Russia, the American people would never consent to these potentially world-ending escalations with a nuclear superpower, and America’s deep state would lose geopolitical power and influence. Can’t have that. Dead men tell no tales.

            Final words
            Just look at news reporting when a reporter or photography is killed. It's wall to wall. Every news organization puts its two cents in to honor the fallen, and the politics of supposed prevention (gun control) is highlighted. The dummocrats are even worse at this kind of shameless self pity and political promotion - especially when it comes to abortion or gun control, the #1 and #2 dummocrat issues. And yet with Seth Rich, who worked for the DNC ... nothing. That's no coincidence. Wikileaks has a 100% record of accuracy...and today they re-tweeted the Fox story about Seth the math I am pretty sure Seth Rich also left conversations with Wikileaks on his own laptop that is now
        • McFayden, his Wikileaks contact, died -- supposedly of lung cancer -- shortly after serving as intermediary between Seth and Wikileaks. noted that Hannity referenced this today.
        • Thefreed​omMatrix- A truth   ministry


          "Joe Capone — who had become a good friend — tried to get him to reveal his favored candidate." Source

          Confirmation from within the FBI that Seth Rich had been in contact with Wikileaks and that DC police have been obstructing justice

          FBI documents


          A federal investigator who reviewed an FBI forensic report detailing the contents of DNC staffer Seth Rich’s computer generated within 96 hours after his murder, said Rich made contact with Wikileaks through Gavin MacFadyen, a now-deceased American investigative reporter, documentary filmmaker, and director of WikiLeaks who was living in London at the time.

          “I have seen and read the emails between Seth Rich and Wikileaks,” the federal investigator told Fox News, confirming the MacFadyen connection. He said the emails are in possession of the FBI, while the stalled case is in the hands of the Washington Police Department.

          Seth Rich Private Investigator Rod Wheeler: "I have a source inside the police department that has looked at me straight in the eye and said, ‘Rod, we were told to stand down on this case and I can’t share any information with you.’'

          ​He also went on radio this morning and said after he contacted the police department he was called back by someone high up in the DNC

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          There are apparently multiple surveillance tapes related to the case. Why haven't we seen the footage?

          Shawn Lucas (serving the DNC with a lawsuit over Clinton during the Democratic primary process) looks like had a suspicious death as well:

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