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9 maj 2017

What is Pepe the frog & Why are the people using him? The Reason Behind Pepe, Memes, Satire Being Used To Fight The Globalists

 10 maj 2017 


The Online cartoon character Pepe the Frog appears to have been killed off by its creator in a bid to stop his image being hijacked by far-right groups. The question that we must now ask ourself is: Will this stop the memes? Is Pepe dead? 



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As you already know their is disproportionately many jews in every field: Banks, media, companies etc... It should come to no surprise to you, but does it honestly matter?
Does it matter who abuses power? Not really... But it matters a great deal what they do with that power, the fact that power is and has been since the very first day, abused to enslave, to control. It could've been christians or muslims or Catholics. It has nothing to do with anti-semitism that it happens to be jews who hold the most important positions (it has if you 100% believe the bible will come full circle as explained in the revelations) but everything to do with plain and simple facts. This is what happens to be true. Truth fears no investigation.

The meaning behind the facts, the interpretation is another thing. And this i will always leave up to your heart and soul to guide you in where it derives and where it ends up inside of you.
"To solve the flood of crimes and rapes pouring into Europe one must look to the disproportionates". It's always the disproportionates where you find patterns. Patterns which can then be used to understand reality. Patterns brings about the reality we experience so it is to no coincidence pattern recognition has a lot to do with intelligence. 

I constantly remind myself the question: Who is to benefit from x,y,z and why/how would they want to benefit in the first place. 
As so many great investigators have said and done: Follow the money and their owners interests...
I do not care what happens to be the truth at the end. I do not care who or what i stumble upon when connecting dots. I am not afraid because i am guided by the purest of intent of helping the ones in need: To expose the matrix of this world, and make people take control of their destiny: To stay on course, to not sell their soul "to nothing but". 

In my case this "nothing but" is what you could say Jesus personified, break down what that being would be, be made of and you have something that is the purest possible manifestation of what is of our best qualities and what we could become, strive but fail to be yet never be able to rationally or emotionally abandon. This keeps my "head high above the water" and always makes me steer away from collusion before i loose myself in anything that ultimately would hurt my efforts to have an impact this world and my personal journey/destiny as a human being.

For so many thousands of years this earth has been controlled by the rulers and we their slaves has yet to be able to do nothing in terms of absolute free will. No matter where you look someone, something is there to steer you of "the path". To keep you away from perhaps what was written into your genetic makeup.

For so many thousands of years they have succeeded but not without any resistance. There have been many times the simple people fought and won the illusion of more freedom but we hav yet not broken free out of this prison for the mind. "Democracy has both been troublesome and wonderful for the ones in power. It nullifies the mind, dumbs down people by being the provider of all obtainable knowledge and being the giver of the privilege of freedom, so they say. But, it has brought about much slower progress or manifestation of whatever they want to do. What is at one hand a greater form of control by hiding in the shadows, making people quickly forget that their lives are ones of loops and illusions, is at the other hand a slower form of progress and comes at the cost of harder maintenance when indifferences between the rich and poor gets rampant and the pure intent of the ones in possession of power gets dirtier and dirtier in the eyes of the people.
Many times since the democracies spread has they come close to failing but everytime they have gotten back their control. Much thanks to the unspoken elephants in the room: The fact that everything that we consider as freedom or as part of our lives, our democracies are controlled. "The one who is tortured their whole life and stumbles upon someone who gives them a slightly better treatment doesn't know any better than seeing this as a blessing". 
We are part of a prison. We have built it ourselves, yet we fail to see the grid doors right in front of every part of our lives, our sources of information, learning, thinking... Its a mental psychosis, one that we cannot seem to collectively get out of..
Perhaps this is what the prophecies are all about. The very fact that our experiment here on earth: To use our free-will, have been tampered with and making it almost impossible to do this. Of course it is by no accident that i began my journey years ago, i developed in a very specific way, mainly driven by choice of actions and thinking but everybody knows there is an element of environmental factors. I cannot simply get over the fact that there are so many people out there who will not get a fair shot in being able to be true to themselves or even find out what their meanings are, yet evolve to solidifying something pure inside of them that drives them and manifests in their every action. Some of these people are truly innocent in this wicked world, thereby making their lives, souls completely owned, taken which i hold higher than death itself.
This reason alone is enough for me to believe that something greater than us would/will eventually intervene. We all knows that this something can be allegorical. It doesn't have to be litteral for the effect to be taking place, the end result to happen. Perhaps it truly is a collective battle within our minds.


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Google co-founders, Jew Larry Page and Jew Sergey Brin

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