They are within the two party tyranny the best of the servant class.

The deep state actually begins 
with the Rothschilds
and the
black pope, the jesuit pope, who is above
the white pope.
The Rothschilds are above the queen of England 
they control the banking world
the city of London and wall street
. When they need to make money they start a war or they 
manipulate exchange rates, interest rates
the banks control the two party tyrani in the united states, 
united kingdom, canada, australia, everywhere else.
All over the world the banks control the two party tyrany and the 
central bank. The central bank is nat a national bank. Its is a 
private bank that serves as the overseer of a captured government
so in the united states once we have a election reform, one of our 
first priorities must be to nationalise the federal reserve and stop 
this idiocy of the government being owned by the banks
100 billion dollar a year are going to secret intelligence community. It is not 
about protecting america. Its about building its budget, spying on 
and blackmailing the politicians and judges and celebrities and others in a position to influence the public

Trump could if he so choosed to do so close down the NSA tomorrow. 
Trump has the power to assign William Benny, the most honest 
experienced whistleblower from the NSA to go in to the NSA databases
httpand pull out every email and call from every traitor and every 
pedophile and every agent from a foreign power in the United states.
NSA is hiding the fact that it has all of that information included 
the information pertaining to wether Jared Kushner is infact a Mossad agent.